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General News Last modified on November 14, 2019

Bottega Prosecco Bar & Craft Beer outlet opens at Dubai International Airport

The new Bottega Prosecco Bar has opened in Concourse at Dubai International Airport (DXB), marking the 25th opening of the successful format, five years after its debut.

The venue, the brand’s second site in UAE, results from the partnership with global travel restaurateur HMSHost International.

Eugene Barry, executive vice president, commercial, at Dubai Airports said: “We are pleased to welcome Bottega as our latest partner supporting the transformation of DXB’s experience through world-class and exciting consumer services.”

The concept was created to deliver the experience of good wine, genuine food and convivial Italian lifestyle, all over the world and in different contexts, from airports to resorts and shopping centres.

The collaboration of sommeliers, chefs, architects and designers has shaped this idea, originally inspired by the philosophy of the Venetian “Bacaro”: an informal tavern, where food is mainly presented as 'cicheti', traditional food bites to be consumed at the counter. 

Owner and managing director, Sandro Bottega, comments: “The venue correctly reflects the values of Bottega and aims to enhance the reputation of Italy in the oenological and gastronomic fields: we are grateful to HMSHost International and Dubai Airports for believing in the project and supporting its development.”

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