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General News Last modified on November 19, 2019

Gold Coast extends its IT partnership with SITA

Gold Coast Airport in Australia has extended its partnership for passenger and baggage technology with global IT provider, SITA, until 2024.

The new agreement continues the airport’s close relationship with SITA, which has been in place for more than 10 years.

Gold Coast Airport uses SITA's common-use platform, together with self-service bag drop and check-in kiosks. 

SITA believes that all this technology combines to deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution to the airlines, while ensuring an enhanced passenger experience at the airport.

Gold Coast

Queensland Airports Limited's general manager for technology, Mark Allen, said: "Gold Coast Airport has been one of Australia’s fastest-growing airports in the past decade, and throughout this time, SITA has been a trusted partner, ensuring we achieved our goals.

"SITA’s ability to deliver a smooth transition to a common-use passenger processing system(CUPPS), with complete flexibility to embrace individual carrier requirements, has been particularly valuable."

SITA's regional director for North Asia and Pacific, Jay Youlten, noted: “Gold Coast Airport is a prime example of how investment in technology can increase operational efficiency and satisfaction among passengers.


"We have played a key role in supporting Gold Coast Airport's growth for many years, with not only the best-in-class technology, but also a team that truly understands and supports the airport’s ambitions. 

"We are confident we’ll match the future demands of this airport, which is 100% dedicated to delivering an outstanding passenger experience.”

Around 6.5 million passengers passed through Gold Coast Airport in its FY2019, making it the fifth busiest international airport in Australia and sixth busiest overall. Its passenger figures are expected to more than double by 2037.

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